• About Glamour AG Gallery

    Clothing Store and Art Gallery Space

    in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

    We carry Japanese/European Designers'

    Fine/Vintage clothing, accessories,

    stationery and more that are difficult to find in our neighbor.

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    AG Gallery




    Contemporary Art Space Located at the Underground of Fine/Vintage Retail Store



    AG Gallery presents various artists and designers of all media and fields, and we are always looking for new talents from local to international. We have featured a variety of artists including local Brooklyn-based artists to artists from Japan, Europe, and other countries. Our goal is to introduce new talents to Brooklyn, New York. We keep our space open to any sort of creative expression from all kinds of background.









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  • Our Mission

    About Glamour is a unique multi-retail space, which encompasses a select shop & gallery space.

    Our mission is to provide a platform in which emerging creativities from all over the world to exhibit and promote their work whether that entails fashion, art, music or design.


    As for the gallery/event section, About Glamour exhibits various artists and designers of all media and fields, and it is always looking for new talents.


    About Glamour is a New York Corporation based in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, NY.

    Established in 2003

    About Glamour, Inc. launched its unique multi-retail business for highly fashionable and artistic men and women who are consistently looking for cutting edge products and artworks.


    About Glamour is an aesthetic space where people can find hard-to-find livingware, clothing, accessories and artworks all in one place. The striking selection of its products including a wide variety of vintage/antique products are imported and gathered from the forefronts of fashion and art. 


    About Glamour also carries original and one-of-a-kind clothing such as hand-sewn, re-made tops for men and women combining the vintage and new clothing. 


    All about ABOUT GLAMOUR

    The name About Glamour's "About" is not, in fact, English. As the management team of About Glamour has a strong Japanese background, it decided to use Japanese coinage from English. It can be translated as "Rough," "Easy Going," or "Flexible". "Life can be glamorous in many ways.


    For example, you can wear an European designer's chiffon dress or have your afternoon tea with a traditional British tea cup to enjoy a glamorous moment, but you can also feel glamorous by wearing vintage Jeans and enjoy a cup of coffee with 70's pop culture mug with your friends. 


    We would like to stay flexible, easy going, and want to be glamorous in many ways," states Takeshi Iida, president of About Glamour Inc.

  • Store Information

    Hours: Mon-Sun 12 - 7


    Address: 310 Grand Street, Brooklyn NY, 11211

    (Between Havemeyer St. & Roebling St.)


    Phone: +1 718 599 3044

    Email: info@aboutglamour.net

  • Press

      Interview: Francis Starlite with Kat Typaldos (Stylist)  
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